Annual Subscription Program

Please consider subscribing to the Silver Spring Ambulance and Rescue Association. We provide emergency ambulance service to all of Silver Spring Township and portions of Middlesex Township. We have agreements in place with Penn State Hershey, Hampden Township, Cumberland Goodwill, and other local EMS agencies that honor your subscription with us.

Your subscription will assist us in continuing to provide the highest level of service possible to the communities we serve.

The Association’s ambulances respond to over 2,000 calls for assistance every year. Those calls include medical emergencies, fire calls, and traffic accidents.

Your Insurance

We are required to seek reimbursement from your insurance company for services rendered as a part of your insurance policy agreement. If you are a subscriber of the Association, we will accept whatever your insurance provider remits as payment, and will not bill the balance to you. 

If payment by your carrier is sent directly to you, it is your responsibility to forward the payment to us along with the Explanation of Benefits form. It is improper and illegal to keep reimbursement received for ambulance services. Non-subscribers are billed directly for any remaining balance that your insurance provider does not pay.

What Your Subscription Supports

Average Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance Bill


Advance Life Support (ALS) Services by a Paramedic



Ambulance $265,000
Power Stretcher & Lift $40,000
Stair Chair $3,000
Fuel $1,500/month
Medical Supplies $18,000

*These costs are in addition to utility costs, maintenance costs, technology innovation and employee salaries, benefits and training costs.

Subscription Quick Facts

  • All subscriptions will be $95.00 effective April 1 to March 31, no matter when during the year your subscription is received.
  • Your benefits will become effective 24 hours after receipt of your subscription payment.
  • This subscription is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • This subscription program does not apply to persons without insurance or to persons receiving medical assistance (Medicaid) benefits.

Not Covered:

  • Transports that do not meet medical necessity criteria. In cases where the ambulance transport was not medically necessary or where you had the ability to take another form of transportation, you may be responsible for the charges.
  • Any charges related to excessive mileage or other non-covered charges for transports, which are based solely on patient and/or physician preference. You will be transported to the hospital of your choice within a 30-mile radius unless your medical condition warrants immediate transport to a hospital that is closer and/or more medically appropriate.
  • Non-transport medical assistance. Your subscription will also cover 2 response-no-transport calls to your residence.


Please call 717-697-3131 Ext. 200, or email us through our contact form. Select "Inquiry for Subscriptions" from the dropdown.

Subscribe Now

Send your check for $95 to:

Attn: Annual Subscription
12 Eleanor Dr—PO Box 177
New Kingstown, PA 17072