More Information About Silver Spring Ambulance & Rescue Association

Silver Spring Ambulance and Rescue Association, Inc. (Silver Spring Ambulance) is a 24/7/365 Emergency Medical Services (EMS), ambulance service responding to 911 dispatches from the Cumberland County Emergency Operations Center (911 center). Silver Spring Ambulance is a 911 emergency response only ambulance service. Silver Spring Ambulance does not provide routine transport services.

Silver Spring Ambulance is a BLS (Basic Life Support) ambulance service that provides emergency care to the sick and injured with fully equipped ambulances staffed by EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PADoH). Our ambulances are also inspected and licensed by the PADoH as BLS ambulance service providers. Silver Spring Ambulance providers are trained to provide care in all emergency situations. If a higher-level of care is needed, Silver Spring Ambulance has partnered with paramedic services provided by Penn State Emergency Medical Services, LLC, for Advanced Life Support (ALS) services. The level of service determination is most often made through specific question sequences at the 911 center when a 911 call is made. Both Silver Spring Ambulance and Penn State Paramedics are often dispatched at the same time.

Silver Spring Ambulance is a mix of both volunteer and professional service providers. In 1999, we had to shift away from an all-volunteer staffing and start using paid career EMTs. The dwindling number of volunteers made this move necessary and continues today. Although Silver Spring Ambulance still has many volunteers, most shifts are covered by a very dedicated career staff. Rest assured that all EMS personnel are fully certified, regardless of paid or volunteer status. There are many medical and non-medical volunteer opportunities to serve at Silver Spring Ambulance. Volunteers for office work are especially needed.

Silver Spring Ambulance’s primary or “First Due” response area includes all of Silver Spring Township and northeastern sections of Middlesex Township in Cumberland County. If our ambulances are out on other calls, the Cumberland County 911 center will dispatch the closest available BLS/ALS services to our primary response area. Silver Spring Ambulance will also respond in-kind to neighboring areas as needed.

Silver Spring Ambulance is recognized by the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council and the PADoH as a Master-level Voluntary Pediatric Services Provider.

Silver Spring Ambulance has also been recently recognized by the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council and the PADoH for the establishment of the George C. Weimer, Jr., Institute for Training and Development to promote both in-house and community learning in health-related services.

Silver Spring Ambulance and Rescue Association, Inc. is a stand-alone, domestic non-profit corporation registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State. Silver Spring Ambulance is not an entity of the municipality of Silver Spring Township; nor is Silver Spring Ambulance affiliated with Silver Spring Community Fire Company (Co. 31) or New Kingstown Fire Company (Co. 33).

Silver Spring Ambulance Firsts!

First Ambulance Company in Cumberland County:

  • In 1970, to become a stand-alone ambulance company.
  • In 1977, to have the first Ambulance Chief, Mike Hurley.
  • In the 1970s, to receive a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Health for purchasing ambulance equipment.
  • In July 1991, Silver Spring Ambulance had the first documented AED save in Cumberland County. Tom Whitfield, EMT (still active), Suzanne Yeingst, EMT, and Bob Horning, Sr, EMR were the crew members that night. The patient went on to live a normal life.
  • In 1996, to become an EMS continuing education site.

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