On Monday January 15th, our responders received additional training in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), led by an instructor from Sensory Prepared, a local business and program designed specifically for emergency medical services.

Within the training, our responders were educated with different disorders that fall within ASD, how the disorders manifest, and different techniques on best how to handle both pediatric as well as adult ASD patients.  As ASD prevalence continues to receive more momentum, how EMS practitioners interact with ASD patients becomes critical.  In addition to the lecture portion, Sensory Prepared reviewed their Sensory Bags, which is a collection of sensory aids provided to the patient aimed at assisting the patient interaction.  The final portion of the instruction was how to provide a smooth handoff of the patient to the hospital, so that both the hospital staff and the patient is prepared for the transition.

More information on Sensory Prepared can be found at https://sensoryprepared.com/ or at Sensory Prepared on Facebook.